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Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: Why should I be on the Web?

ANSWER: There are many reasons, but for businesses the answers fall into a few main categories:

  1. To be accessible. The Internet has become so popular during the last few years that not having a Web presence is  like not being in the telephone directory.
  2. To attract more business or new business. Your Web site can be at work selling your product or service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Web's immediacy and multimedia capabilities are unmatched by conventional advertising media. Your Web site may not replace your other advertisements, but it will complement them in a very powerful way when used properly.
  3. To serve current customers or clients better. Technical support, product specifications, price lists, phone numbers and e-mail addresses can all be incorporated into your Web site. This could give your customer-service efforts a big boost and save you money.
  4. To conduct on-line commerce. Customers can use their credit card to securely order goods or services from your on-line store.

QUESTION: How much will it cost?

ANSWER: Our smallest and simplest Web sites (one or two pages) start at $275. The price we quote is a one-time charge for layout and design, search engine registration, etc. Larger, more complicated sites are priced on a case-by-case basis after a free consultation with the client. Prices for these typically range into the thousands. Once your site is designed, it must be hosted on a Web server. The cost for this is usually billed yearly with pricing plans starting at under $200.00. Details are available by phone.

QUESTION: Why does my site look different on different computers?

ANSWER: If you use more than one computer or more than one Web browser to surf the 'Net, you already know that the same page may look and act quite different depending on how you view it. Dozens of variables such as Web browser, monitor size, video color depth and operating system can all affect the way a site displays and behaves.

The World Wide Web is full of examples like these that underscore the importance of professional Web page development. There are all too many Web pages that look wonderful in the latest version of a popular browser, but appear disheveled, disorganized, or completely unreadable to millions of other potential viewers who have different hardware/software configurations.

QUESTION: Who maintains my site once it has been designed?

ANSWER: Once your site is published, you will probably want to make occasional or periodic changes to keep it looking fresh and up to date. That is one of the great advantages of the of the Web as a means of mass communication. There are two ways to accomplish these updates.

The first option is to have it done in-house by your own staff. This might make sense if you anticipate a high volume of changes on a regular basis, and you employ trained individuals who can devote the time to keep a site current and polished. However, it has been our considerable experience that most organizations find this method much more labor-intensive, complex and costly than they first anticipated. In fact, many clients who initially decide to maintain their own sites, later realize that it is more cost-effective to have Glacier Designs perform routine maintenance tasks, especially when they consider the hidden cost of a site that doesn't function properly or look professional to their prospective customers or clients.


QUESTION: Why Choose a Template?

ANSWER: You can have a custom designed template if you have an html editor like MS Frontpage, Dreamweaver MX etc.. You don't need to know html just fill in the blanks with your information and you're ready to publish it online.  If you don't understand the publishing/upload process, then contact Glacier Designs or your hosting company directly.  

Templates can also save money!


Glacier Designs offers custom graphic and web design, and is conveniently located in the Michigan area. 

Glacier Designs can give the small or new business a professional look without breaking the bank.
Professional Web and Graphic Design to enhance your web presence or your promotional items.  We do web-site design, redesign, and graphics for your website.  Need to spice up your site with Banner ads, Flash intros etc..

Need a new logo design or redesign we can help you with a business image that will look professional on the web and on promotional items.

Call Glacier Designs Today for a Free Quote! 1-586-212-6648

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